Granite Countertop

Casa Tile & Stoneworks

Granite Countertops

Casa Tile & Stoneworks is Rockford’s premier granite fabricator! Our granite countertops are 100% hand crafted!  With over 9 years of experience with granite, we are able to create to complete your granite application with ease.  We also offer custom profile edges on our countertops to give your new countertop extra class!

We are different from our competition!  We seal all of our countertops! We also have a sealer maintenance program available that includes 1 hour of service/year.  This helps to fill in any possible chips, re-fill the seams, or to recaulk any areas that need attention.  This helps to keep your granite countertop looking like new with minimal effort on your part!

Even if you did not purchase your granite countertop from Casa Tile & Stoneworks, we would still be able to service or repair your granite application.  Please contact us for our maintenance rates.

Quartz Countertops

If you are looking to distinguish your countertop from all of the rest, then you may want to consider a new quartz countertop.  Quartz countertops offer extreme durability! Unlike granite countertops, quartz countertops do not need to be sealed.  They are so durable that you do not even need to worry about setting that hot pot or pan on a quartz surface, as the quartz is strong enough to withstand high heat.  Additionally, quartz countertops have a greater resistance to bacteria than any other countertop!

Whether you prefer granite or quartz, Casa Tile & Stoneworks is your choice for custom fabrication!

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